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Teeth whitening is one industry that is showing massive strides and developments, with most patients wanting to know how to make your teeth white. We’ve all noticed that a whiter smile makes us look younger, healthier and more attractive, and thanks to advances in dental whitening there are now a number of safe, high quality whitening agents available for your use. Let’s have a closer look at how they work.


How To Get Whiter Teeth Safely

Before we go there it’s worth taking note of the fact that even though the Internet will present you with a host of home remedies for teeth whitening, only professional grade products are safe and effective enough for use on your teeth. No amount of baking soda, vinegar or charcoal will ever give you the same even and professional result that a dental brand with 50 years of research in R&D can achieve.


At-home Teeth Whitening

That being said, it is still possible to whiten your teeth at home under the guidance of your dentist. If you discuss your whitening needs with your dentist he or she can provide you with custom-made whitening trays and the relevant bleaching agent so that you can do the process at home.

wondering How To Make Your Teeth WhiteYou’d be using a reputable product like Philips Zoom, and you would also receive very strict instructions for the amount of time you can use the gel for, and how long you can leave it in contact with your teeth for.

At-home whitening is slower and more gradual than in-chair whitening. You can expect to see your desired shade appear over the course of a week or two, depending on how long you wear them for. Your dentist will give you custom trays that protect your gums and soft tissue and will give you a pre-whitening consultation and cleaning to ensure your teeth are strong enough for whitening.


In-chair Teeth Whitening

For the fastest and most professional whitening results and stain removal, in-chair whitening is unmatched. If you have a special event or date that you would like whiter teeth by, in-chair whitening is your most reliable and fastest option. In most cases patients can leave their dentist’s office after a 45-60 minute session with whiter, brighter teeth that are up to eight shades lighter.

After protecting your soft tissue, your dentist will paint the whitening gel directly onto your teeth before shining a blue light or laser onto the surface of your teeth, for a total application of 15-minutes. This speeds up the development time and allows your dentist to give individually stained teeth or surface areas more attention, so that your final result is even. Your dentist may repeat this process two or three times to achieve your desired shade.


Do’s And Don’ts Of Teeth Whitening

Don’t be tempted to use non-professional or sub-standard products for whiter teeth;  using cheaper products for teeth whitening can jeopardise your tooth enamel.

Do you want whiter teeth or have questions about teeth whitening? Always consult a professional before you attempt any kind of whitening. Please contact us for a convenient appointment!.

Teeth Whitening Cost – Achieve The Brighter Smile
teeth whitening cost

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