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Teeth Whitening Woonona Dentists Recommend

Don’t despair if your teeth aren’t gleaming white. We’re here to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile. With professional teeth whitening in Woonona, you’ll soon be beaming all over your face!

Our experienced dentists use Philips Zoom teeth whitening in Woonona, because it delivers exceptional results, and is sufficiently versatile to meet most of our patients’ dental needs.


Teeth whitening in Woonona your way

Patients considering Philips Zoom teeth whitening in Woonona can choose from Chair-side or at-home options. To ensure best results it is strongly recommend that you have a check-up and clean first to assess your oral health and ensure there is no plaque or tartar present that can affect the whitening treatment.

Chair-side whitening

If you need quick result under the guidance of our dentist, then we recommend in-chair whitening using Philips Zoom. The procedure takes no more than an hour, and can whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades.

Before the procedure gets underway, your lips and gums are covered leaving just your teeth exposed. The whitening gel is carefully applied to the teeth, and a Zoom light is shone on them. This helps the hydrogen peroxide-based gel penetrate the surface of the teeth, breaking down any stains and discolouration. After 15 minutes, the gel is wiped away and the procedure is repeated twice more, for a treatment time of 45 minutes. $650 chair-side Philips Zoom teeth whitening (Valued at $850) – It is quick, convenient, safe, effective!

At-home whitening

For patients who are looking for a less-expensive alternative, and are happy to adopt a slower approach to teeth whitening, we recommend our Philips Zoom take-home bleaching kits.

You’ll be issued with customised whitening trays to ensure a good fit and prevent the gel from touching your gums or soft tissues. We’ll also provide you with the Philips Zoom whitening gel, and give you directions for usage.

Typically, you’ll wear your trays overnight for around 2 weeks, so your teeth whiten as you sleep. While you may not achieve quite the same level of whiteness as chair-side procedure, the treatment will still leave your teeth noticeably brighter. Only $450 for Custom Tray and Whitening Materials!

If you’re not sure which method of Philips Zoom teeth whitening in Woonona to ask for, then our dentist will be happy to explain both options and discuss what’s best for you.

If you’d like to have your teeth whitened, then please give Woonona Dentists a call on (02) 4210 9078 to book a consultation and assess your suitability for this treatment.

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