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Tooth Fillings in Woonona – Restorative Dentistry at Woonona Dentists

If you are in need of tooth fillings in Woonona, then we’re here to help. Dental fillings are necessary when a tooth is showing signs of decay, or a cavity has developed. Here at Woonona Dentists we use high quality natural looking composite fillings as an alternative to old style silver amalgam fillings, because we want to work in a mercury free environment.


The procedure for composite dental fillings

First, any decay (or the old amalgam filling) is removed, and our dentist shapes the cavity and rough edges. A good quality bonding liquid is applied to help the filling adhere to the tooth structure. A composite material, colour matched to your natural teeth for a seamless finish, is applied inside the cavity in thin layers. A special blue light is used to cure each layer. Once the cavity is filled with the composite material, the restoration is shaped and polished at the margins and on the surface, to prevent food trappings and maintain an even bite.

Benefits of white dental fillings

● They look totally natural
● They allow for minimal shrinkage
● They do not contain mercury
● They can be used on front and back teeth
● They can be completed in just one dental visit

White composite fillings are a good option when no more than 30-50% of the tooth is decayed. If the damage is more extensive, however, our Woonona dentists may instead recommend a ceramic inlay or a crown.

Ceramic inlays or indirect fillings

Ceramic inlays, also known as indirect fillings, normally require two visits to our dental clinic because they’re manufactured at a 100% Australian dental laboratory.

Ceramic inlays are usually recommended when the tooth structure is not considered strong enough to support a filling, but isn’t so weak that it requires a dental crown. Our dentist will remove any decay from your tooth, and then take a digital impression which records the shape of the tooth that’s being repaired and the teeth surrounding it. A temporary filling is put in place to protect the tooth while the dental lab sets about making your custom indirect filling/porcelain crown. During the second visit, your temporary filling is removed, and our dentist checks the fit of the crown/cap. If you and our dentist are happy with the fit, then it will be cemented firmly in place. Best of all, as we use 100% Australian Lab, the crowns comes with up to 15 years Warranty!

If you’re in need of tooth fillings in Woonona, then why not book an appointment with Woonona Dentists by calling (02) 4210 9078? You can retain a flawless smile with our white fillings.

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