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Dental fillings are one of the most commonly performed procedures that dentists do. When a tooth has been compromised by decay, a filling is a repair job that restores its form and function, protecting it against future damage. But how long does a filling take, and how long can you expect to spend in your dentist’s chair? Let’s take a look.


How Long Do Dental Fillings Take?

A simple and small dental filling made out of composite resin may only take 15 to 20 minutes, but it might be discovered during a routine clean, and you may already have been in your dentist’s chair for 20 or 30 minutes by that stage. If you don’t have the time to spare, you may be able to make a follow-up appointment to have it completed, unless your dentist is very concerned about the extent of the tooth decay.

In the event that your dentist is using a different material for dental fillings, it could take a little longer than 20 minutes.



If your dentist is making your dental fillings from an impression of your tooth, you will probably need to go back for a second visit so that the filling can be bonded to your teeth.

If you are having gold or porcelain dental fillings, it’s quite likely that you will have the procedure completed over two visits. During your first visit, your dentist will remove the tooth decay and clean the cavity before taking an impression. During your second visit, the filling will be bonded to your teeth.


How Long Does A Filling Take When It’s A Replacement?

Dental fillings do not last forever, and after a few years, they may loosen and fall out and need to be replaced. If your dentist is using the same filling material as previously, the replacement will take the same period of time as the original filling.


How The Process Works?

dental filling process woononaFirst, your dentist will inject some local anaesthetic into the gum around the tooth to be filled. Once it has taken effect he or she will remove tooth decay using a dental drill. The decayed material needs to be cleaned out so that it does not continue to corrode your tooth. The cavity might need to be shaped or etched.

Once this is done, your dentist will fill the cavity with the filling material or take an impression of your tooth. Some types of filling material need to be hardened with a blue light. Once this is all done, the area needs to be polished. This is done to ensure there are no sharp surfaces that can injure your tongue or cheeks.

If you are having multiple dental fillings to treat tooth decay, it’s best to ask your dentist how long does a filling take before the procedure so you can plan appropriately.


To find out more about ‘how long does a filling take’ or to learn how to avoid dental decay in the future it’s always best to speak to a professional. Please contact us for a convenient appointment at (02) 4210 9078.





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