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IV sedation allows usually anxious patients the opportunity to induce a state of relaxation and have much-needed dental treatments. Also known as twilight sedation or conscious sedation, the concept of dental sedation can help patients forget their fears for long enough that a dental treatment can be completed. At Woonona Dentists we strive to offer our patients the most comfortable experience at every visit. The fees for IV sedation range from $650 – $900.


Who Is Twilight Sedation Suitable For?

Anyone who has a fear or any anxiety about visiting the dentist, or having dental treatment may benefit from sedation dentistry. Patients who have had previous dental traumas, those who are scared of the dentist or any medical environment are some examples of patients who find IV sedation beneficial.

Some patients may have a low pain tolerance, be very fidgety or an extreme gag reflex, which makes sitting in the chair very difficult.

IV sedation may also be used when patients need complex procedures. It makes the procedure much easier for the patient and dental practitioner if it is especially long or complex.  IV sedation can also be used for general dentistry too. If your anxiety is preventing you from having a dental cleaning, it’s possible to be sedated for your six monthly check ups as well.


IV Sedation Dentistry What To Expect


What will happen to you?

Sedatives are administered intravenously, in order to induce a state of deep relaxation or calmness. Once the sedative starts to work, you will be in a semi-conscious state and relaxed enough to have your anaesthetic administered by needle – even if you previously may have had a fear of needles. Depending on the sedative used, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes to become sedated.

How will you feel?

Once the sedative is working, you will feel dreamy and maybe a little lightheaded. You may drift in and out of a dreamlike state for the duration of your procedure. While you might feel very relaxed, you aren’t actually asleep and if someone asks you to do something you will probably be able to respond to the request.

Dental Patient

Your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythms and oxygen levels will be monitored for the duration of your treatment.

Once your dentist is satisfied that you have achieved an adequate level of relaxation, he or she will administer the anaesthetic and get started on your dental procedure. 

What Are The Benefits Of IV Sedation?


Intravenous sedatives get to work quickly

Sedatives that are administered intravenously get to work very quickly.

Your procedure goes much faster

While you are under the influence of sedatives it will seem like time passes very quickly. When patients regain consciousness afterwards they are always so surprised at how quickly it went.

You can have complex or multiple procedures under IV sedation

Making use of sedatives makes it much easier to have lengthy or complex procedures carried out smoothly. Under other circumstances these procedures might be split up into different sessions, taking much longer and incurring higher costs.

You won’t have much memory of the procedure

After the procedure, you probably won’t be able to recall much from the procedure. This is ideal if you have experienced dental trauma before, and want to reframe dental visits to make it easier in the future.

Your procedure is largely stress-free

IV sedation makes any dental experience a pleasant and stress-free procedure for the patient and dentist.


How Should You Prepare For IV Sedation?

The fees for IV sedation range from $650 – $900. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on what to do before you procedure. You can expect

  • Not to eat for at least six hours before your visit
  • Not to smoke in the lead-up to your procedure
  • To remove any jewellery, nail polish or contact lenses before your appointment

How Do You Know If Sedation Is Suitable For You?

If you have any kind of fear of the dentist, discuss your sedation options with your dentist. He or she will take your medical history and ask you a few questions to determine if you have any risk factors. 

Your dose of sedative will be prepared according to your age and health status. Your dentist may recommend a trial dose before your procedure.


To find out more about sedation dentistry and whether it could benefit you please get in touch with us: (02) 4210 9078.

IV Sedation Dentistry – How Does It Work?
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