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Wisdom Teeth Surgery – What Can You Expect?

It might be considered one of the most dreaded dental procedures out there for Australians but wisdom teeth surgery is really common and performed frequently at Woonona Dentists. When your surgery is well planned and performed by skilled and experienced...

How To Manage Root Canal Pain?

Because the procedure is considered major dental work, some degree of root canal pain can be expected afterwards. Overall however root canal therapy is intended to prevent dental pain and discomfort s the pain shouldn’t linger longer than a few days after...

How Much Do You Know About Safe Teeth Whitening?

Did you know that you can get effective teeth whitening in just one visit to our practice? At Woonona Dentists we offer a safe way to whiten your teeth, whether you’d like an in-chair or take-home treatment.   Teeth Whitening Products Are Advancing...