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Even though you won’t be able to chew very hard food after dental implant surgery, getting the right nutrition is a vital part of your healing and recovery process. A dentist that offers free consultation will be able to give you some ideas on what to eat during your recovery. To get you started and help with planning, we have put a list together of foods to avoid after a dental implant in this article. Discover in more detail


Foods You Can Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

During the first 24 to 48 hours after your dental implant surgery, your gums will feel tender. You might not feel like eating but it’s important to keep yourself well hydrated and ensure you are taking in the right nutrients that support healing.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to a cool, liquid diet for the first day or two. Smoothies are an excellent source of nutrients and they are delicious to drink cold. Add protein and rice powder to get your macronutrients in, and your choice of raw vegetables or fruits for added fibre.



What To Avoid After Dental Implants?

On the first two days after your dental implants, you must avoid hot food and drinks. Do not drink from a bottle that causes suction or a straw, as this can cause the blood clot on your implant site to dislodge. Avoid alcohol and smoking for a few days after dental implants.

These are the foods to avoid for at least ten days after your dental implants:


Crunchy hard foods

Hard and crunchy foods like nuts, seeds, taco shells, and crisps can break up and get stuck in your implant site.


Sticky food

Sticky foods like caramel and toffee apples should be avoided, as they can get stuck at your implant site and cause damage.


Highly acidic foods

Acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits can worsen discomfort at your implant site.


Visit, spicy food

Spicy and hot food like chilis and soups must be avoided during your recovery period. Spicy food can irritate the implant site while hot meals can interfere with healing around your soft tissue.

If you get a free consultation at your local dental clinic, you will be given a list of foods to avoid after dental implant surgery. Learn more information


Foods You Can Eat After Dental Implants

Even after the first ten days have passed, you need to be careful with the texture and hardness of the food you eat. You can increase the texture of food as you heal and your gums feel more comfortable.

Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition, are soft to eat, and can be prepared in different ways. Baked potatoes topped with soft cheese or avocado are tasty and wholesome. Once the first week has passed you can start reintroducing meat to your diet. Soft or minced meat and fish can minimise chewing and irritation, while pasta and rice that is well cooked requires minimal chewing.


For help with foods to avoid after getting your implant or for a free dental consultation near you, please give us a call: (02) 4210 9078.






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