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Gum (periodontal) disease affects most people during their lifetime. Periodontal disease effects the gums (gingival tissues), deeper connective tissues and the jaw bones, which support and protect the teeth.

There are two main stages of gum disease: Gingivitis and Perionditis
Gingivitis: is early gum disease and occurs when dental plaque builds up on the teeth, where the gum joins the tooth.
Periodontitis: is an advanced gum disease that may occur if gingivitis is left untreated. The gum margin is weakened and spaces (Periodontal pockets) form between the tooth and the gum. Periodontitis can affect the covering of the tooth root, the bone and fibres connecting the tooth root to the bone. As the disease progresses, bone loss can occur, causing teeth to become mobile and results in tooth loss.

Did you know?


  • The risk of gum disease increased with age
  • 8% of young people between 15 to 34 years’ experience moderate to severe periodontitis
  • Almost 40% of adults aged 55 years or over experience moderate to severe periodontitis

Dapto Dentists are experienced in identifying any gum issues at early stage and provide you needed treatment to address your gum issues.