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Inadequate dentition (tooth loss) is defined as fewer than 21 teeth. Inadequate dentition means that a person is unlikely to have enough teeth that have a partner on the opposite jaw to be able to chew properly.

Having fewer teeth is related to poor diet, lower health related quality of life and is associated with many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, cancer and arthritis.
Smoking is a major cause of tooth loss. Oral health conditions including caries and gum/periodontal disease are also related.

Did you know?

  • Adults with inadequate dentition are up to 5 times more likely to have difficulty chewing
  • People are at a higher risk of tooth loss as they get older
  • 15.5% of adults have fewer than 21 teeth
  • People aged 15-24 have on average 1.8 missing teeth
  • Adults aged 65 and over have an average of 10.8 missing teeth

At Dapto dentists, we have options to optimise your oral health. We have our dental health professionals who can suggest a denture/bridge/implant to get back your smile and quality of life